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Thursday, November 26, 2009

My 24th birthday

Sang-il chookha-hapneeda
Sang-il chookha- hapneeda
Jul Guh Woo Eun Hee uh
Sang-il chookha-hapneeda

Its been a long time i haven't update my blog
Since I'm still not be employed by any company so i can update my blog everyday..hehehe
can't believe i already become 24 years old...hehehehe..
getting older n older but still sweet seventeen...hahahaha...
just kidding lor...hopefully my 24th birthday will give me more happiness,brightness, n be blessed
and most important to get a better job...
Argh!!!still not working make me crazy...
i want to hold my own salary, my own money
so that i can get experience like somebody else how to manage my own money...
whether i manage to be a saving person or spendthrift person...
before i forgot,thanks to all my friend 4 their wishes n pray for my happiness...that always support me especially my family, my lovely best friend esmasuria esa and fellow friends that always beside me...hopefully our friendship will be last n miss u all a lot

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